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Clinical Biochemistry

Clinical Biochemistry, which is also called chemical pathology is the branch of laboratory medicine and pathology. Find out more...


At Trulife Diagnostics, we provide an extensive range of following Immuno-Haematology services.

Clinical Pathology

Trulife Diagnostics provides various clinical pathology laboratory services to help discover, human models, preclinical studies, and/or clinical trials.


Histopathology and Cytopathology, both have been powerful services provided by Trulife Diagnostics. Under this department, we provide full specialized testing under all-important therapeutic sectors.


Trulife Diagnostics provides an extensive range of microbiology services in our lab with a variety of bacterial strains including pathogens, multidrug-resistant clinical isolates, and multiple fungal strains present in our direct testing.


At Trulife Diagnostics, our professionals take multiple laboratory methods for it. Various serologic tests can diagnose different types of disease conditions.

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