Who are we?

Trulife Diagnostics Centre is a renowned diagnostic facility in Telangana with six locations.

Trulife Diagnostics Centre employs a trained and qualified team of specialists from a variety of specialties, including radiologists, pathologists, and Phlebotomists.

We are committed to offering superior quality services in all of our locations in order to be a pioneer in the use of cutting-edge technology and innovations, as well as qualified specialists and professionals.

Meet Our Specialist

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Doctors Achievements

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Service Recipient Says

Shahed M

An ideal place for very reliable medical tests; charges very reasonable and less than others, prompt on-time service. Friendly and courteous staff. Scanning done by well experienced radiologist, male and female. Advanced lab equipment ensures correct results. Highly recommended for lab tests acceptable by qualified doctors.

MAS Shareef

I would like to send some quick notes of appreciation for wonderful services received at trulife diagnostic center Hyderabad. Specially the neatness, qualitative front desk service and state-of-the -art (latest technological use for bio-care diagnosis). There was hardly any waiting, all staff were informative and friendly. I know that people are quick to criticize, but, I'd like to be quick to compliment you guys.Thank you once again.

Bhargav Teja Yalagandula

This is Really good place for physiotherapy. Dr. Mansoor Ali listens to the patients, understands the problem and then gives the treatment. Moves friendly with patients and gives suggestions for the permanent fix of the problem. I really recommend this for physio but not sure about other services!

Sohit Nag Kamagoni

Amazing people, Very friendly staff and flawless service. Praises to the management. 👏👍

Mohammed Abdul Azeez

Highly recommended diagnostic center and medical center with sophisticated labs having advanced equipments providing accurate results for the tests done.Experienced doctors ,technicians, radiologists and physiotherapists (both male and female). Courteous and generous staff, Maintained cleanliness and hygiene throughout the centre. Easily affordable charges for diagnosis and consultations .