Digital X-Ray

Generally, an X-Ray is a fast, easy, and effortless test that is used to record pictures of the internal structure of the body-especially of the bones. 

The report of X-Ray helps the health specialists to interpret the inside structure of your body without creating any incision. Portable X-ray service saves the uneasiness of moving bedridden patients to a hospital for this test.

What is a digital x-ray?
Digital X-ray uses the advanced image sensor to take X-rays and shows them on a digital device for the analysis. Many health specialists suggest doing digital X-rays as they provide extensive advantages compared to traditional X-rays. Unlike normal X-rays that need 5-10 minutes to develop an image, digital X-rays can be viewed almost immediately, which saves a lot of time. 

Furthermore, digital x-rays let the patients to less radiation, up to almost 90%.  It is much more convenient and comfortable to view and manipulate utilizing digital screens. Particular areas can be zoomed, and use filters for easy diagnosis of bone-related issues.   

How is the process performed?
An X-ray technician is also called a radiologist. Once you are ready for the test, the radiologist will tell you everything about how to place your body so that the X-ray machine can take clear-cut pictures. Even they may ask you to sit, lie, or stand in different positions during the procedure.

Then the radiologist takes the images of that required area while you stand ahead of a specialized plate that has sensors or X-ray film to take images. In maximum cases, the radiologist might ask you to sit or to lie on a specialized plate and move a big camera attached with a steel arm over your body to take the pictures. However, when taking pictures, it is important to stay still. As soon as the technician is satisfied with the captured pictures, the test is done. 

What happens after an x-ray?
After the pictures of the X-ray are being collected, now you can change back your own outfit. You can get your results on the same day or later. By seeing your x-ray the doctor can prescribe you a course of treatment.

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