Molecular Pathology

Molecular tests that study DNA or RNA samples closely are used to predict, diagnose, or monitor the diseases. Trulife Diagnostics brings together experts from all across the pathology disciplines who are highly experienced in developing as well as delivering a diverse range of molecular tests. The molecular pathology service includes testing for bacterial and viral infections, diagnosing and monitoring the hematological malignancy, the presence of tumors to determine the response for the targeted procedures and a wide range of more than 60 genetic disorders.

Trulife Diagnostics provides molecular pathology testing for a variety of medical indications all over the health-care continuum like testing for disease vulnerability, diagnosis, screening, prognosis, monitoring, and decision making. In the areas of neoplastic diseases, hereditary diseases, and for self-testing the menu has different types of applications. Our lab utilizes various molecular strategies and platforms for evaluating nucleic acids collected from patient samples including capillary electrophoresis, real-time PCR, and pyrosequencing.

We work closely with different laboratories to deliver perfect and integrated molecular and genomic diagnostic services to patients. Our all specialists are Board-Certified in Pathology, Molecular Genetic Pathology, and Clinical Molecular Genetics.

Molecular Oncology Testing

  • Complete qualitative, as well as quantitative molecular oncology testing, is available at Trulife Diagnostics for diagnosis, monitoring the disease, and restorative decision making.
  • A wide range of assays, including analysis of MGMT methylation by pyrosequencing and BCR-ABL quantitative PCR, are provided to find out common genetic changes in solid and hematologic malignancies.
  • We work with the other diagnostics center to test molecular oncology specimens.

Molecular Virology Testing

  • Molecular Virology testing is conducted for the detection of particular viral infections, and common respiratory toxins like influenza A/B and also respiratory syncytial virus.
  • For some specific viruses, quantitative evaluation of viral infections and monitoring viral loads is provided in the lab.
  • Genotyping of human papillomavirus and hepatitis C is also available.
  • For molecular virology testing, sample types are acceptable.

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