Ultrasound (USG)

Trulife Diagnostics assists various health centers, hospitals, and clinic in their primary objective is to provide high-quality, comprehensive, cost-effective health-care. We raise the standard of care with our advanced ultrasound services. 

We offer a complete suite of on-demand services including ultrasound services so that you can get the best experience through our life-saving diagnostic services. We provide faster and better care, improve the healthcare model, and enhance patient results. 

Trulife Diagnostics delivers patients, health centers, clinics, and hospitals a faster and better care option by giving accurate ultrasound reports. 


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Amazing people, Very friendly staff and flawless service. Praises to the management.

Sohit Nag Kamagoni

Good service, very friendly staff. Accurate results.

Dr. Aisha Sheik Doctor

Awesome diagnostic Awesome radiologist Very good service

Lubna Aniqua Patient