Clinical Biochemistry

Clinical Biochemistry, which is also called chemical pathology is the branch of laboratory medicine and pathology in which the biochemical and chemical research on tissues and body fluids delivers data on the pathophysiology of people and helps in the management and diagnosis of patients. The clinical biochemists, who are either medical specialists or chemical pathologists or clinical scientists provide clinical advice and work with clinical teams that take care of patients. Clinical biochemists work firmly with laboratory manager and biomedical scientists (BMS) to offer the best clinical biochemistry service.

Trulife diagnostics provides a wide range of routine as well as specialized testing services for prognosis, diagnosis, and treatment to all surgical, medical, and clinical research patients. The clinical biochemistry department has both diversified and specialized sectors like Immunology, Biochemistry, and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. It provides extensive laboratory services, provided by an expert team of highly skilled technicians under the supervision of highly experienced Medical Biochemists. Its primary objective is to provide cost-effective, effective, and proof-based patient care within a specific period of time.

Our Clinical Biochemistry department is equipped with the latest equipment with backup services which delivers 24 x 7 round the clock service with very fast TAT. A fully automated system starting from bar-coding to bilateral interfacing helps to limit transcription errors.

Our both Internal and External Quality Assurance Program is designed to supervise every single step in the testing procedure. Our unique specialized programs help in scrutinizing the QC process.

The typical work activities by us:

Our endeavour of constant Quality development Programs along with full-range exclusive services helps in delivering the best.

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