Basically, serologic tests are regarding blood tests that determine the presence of antibodies in the blood. At Trulife Diagnostics, our professionals take multiple laboratory methods for it. Various serologic tests can diagnose different types of disease conditions. These tests have one common thing. All they concentrate on proteins constituted by our immune system. This important body system enables us to keep healthy by limiting foreign pathogens that can make us ill.

Need of Serologic Test:
To comprehend the requirement of this serologic test is that it is very much helpful to know our immune system and the reason behind our illness. Actually, antigens provoke a response from our immune system. They can’t be seen by the naked eye and they can come into the body through broken skin, mouth, or nasal passages.

Normally antigens affect people include the following:

  • bacteria
  • fungi
  • viruses
  • parasites

Our immune system protects our antigens by producing antibodies. And these antibodies get attached to the antigens and neutralize them. When our specialists test your blood, they can find out the antibodies and antigens types that are present in your blood and determine the infection type. Sometimes, this test also helps to diagnose an autoimmune disorder.

What happens during a serologic test?
A sample of blood is all that a lab requires to perform serological testing. In our Truelife Diagnostics center, this test is conducted. In this procedure, our specialist will insert a needle into your vein and collect your blood sample. The testing process is very quick.

What are the types of serologic tests?
Antibodies are diverse in nature. That’s why there are different types of tests to detect the presence of various antibodies. These include:

  • An agglutination assay demonstrates whether antibodies are showing to some antigens that will generate particle clumping.
  • A precipitation test demonstrates whether the antigens are similar or not by calculating for the antibody presence in body fluids.
  • The Western blot test finds out the antimicrobial antibodies’ presence in your blood by their reaction with the targeted antigens.

Serologic testing can diagnose many illnesses, including:

  • brucellosis, which is caused by bacteria
  • amebiasis, which is caused by a parasite
  • measles, which is caused by a virus
  • rubella, which is caused by a virus
  • HIV
  • syphilis
  • fungal infections

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