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Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 8am to 11pm
  Contact : 9652973372

Endoscopy:The endoscopy room is situated in the OPD area. About 60 to 70 patients are evaluated each day. It is staffed with a team of doctor from the ENT Department and two staff nurses. Flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscopy uses an endoscope whose shape can be changed so it could go around corners. This is done for patients with problems such as snoring, laryngeal problems causing hoarseness and some throat problems like cancer of the throat. Rigid nasal endoscopy uses an endoscope that does not bend but is straight to look just in the nose. This is done for patients with nose, sinus and nasopharyngeal problems. The pictures can be seen on a monitor, as there is a tiny video camera on the end of the endoscope.

Stroboscopy:Stroboscopy is done in the OP area as part of the voice assessment. It is done for patients with voice problems to look at the vibratory pattern of the vocal cords. The larynx has the vocal cords in it. The cords are like guitar strings and make sound by vibrating. By using pulsed light, the movement of the vocal cord is seen in slow motion. The picture is stored on a computer and can be replayed and analysed later.

Voice clinics:Voice clinics are on Tuesdays and Saturdays in the OP area. Stroboscopy is used by the ENT Specialist. Then they see a speech therapist who analyses their voice. Computer software is used for this. Treatment is then planned for the patient during this clinic.

Audiovestibular clinics:The clinics are managed by doctor who has special training in this field. The problems of hearing (audio) and balance (vestibular) are assessed and treated here. The unit performs special tests and runs rehabilitation programmes. They can help people with hearing problems, speech (the sounds made) and language (the words) problems and balance disorders. After the clinician has examined, the patient is sent to the audio-vestibular lab

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